DEVA works in partnership with clients to offer bespoke Administrative and Creative Solutions. 

DEVA is a trusted strategic partner for entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, organizations, and venues seeking to elevate their endeavors. We charge competitive hourly rates for the following services with hourly, monthly and day rates starting at $100/hour. 

Digital Marketing Services

As your Marketing Maven, I specialize in crafting dynamic digital marketing strategies to elevate your brand and reach a broader audience in your target market. DEVA can service the implementation of a multitude of marketing efforts from social media strategy, content creation, copywriting and editing, CRM & audience cultivation. 

Creative Production

As your own personal creative champion to ensure your success in the creative realm, DEVA is equipped to handle a vast range of production functions not including but not limited to concept development, project management, artistic direction, digital audio and streaming service uploads, song selection and rehearsal management.

Fundraising and Development

DEVA is competent at Corporate, Foundation and Government and Institutional Grant research, project description and artist statement generation, individual donor management, fiscal sponsorships, gala planning, brand partnerships, and sponsorships.


DEVA as your Administrative Virtuoso provides comprehensive administrative solutions to keep your creative endeavors running smoothly. From financial wizardry to project coordination, we ensure your operations are seamless from task planning to function streamlining and organization, document and presentation creation including EPKs and websites, gathering collateral, meeting minutes, and written communication.


At DEVA, we transcend mere administrative tasks, deeply dedicated to nurturing your artistic excellence. Our specialized coaching and guidance are meticulously tailored for vocalists and performing arts students. We offer transformative coaching in embodied stage movement for singers, stage map comprehension, storytelling techniques, and engaging workshops. Moreover, we provide invaluable administrative skills coaching to equip you comprehensively in your artistic growth. Our ultimate aim is to empower you on your artistic journey, delivering personalized coaching that elevates your skills and fosters a profound connection with your audience. 

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