I'm Melike Konur, an internationally recognized, award-winning artist, and the proud founder of DEVA Entertainment. With a career spanning 22 countries, I've navigated the intricate entrepreneurial landscape and understand intimately the challenges that come your way.

DEVA's mission is all about Empowering Entrepreneurs! Our expertise lies in providing meticulous, tailored administrative support, informed by the nuances of cultural sensitivity. We're here to cater to a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and small business owners, with a special emphasis on the creative industry. Whether you're a dancer, singer, musician, part of a band, or represent a performing arts organization, we grasp the intricacies of your unique journey.

With 15 years of global experience, we're well-equipped to magnify your artistic presence and serve as your unwavering logistical support system. DEVA can forge meaningful connections with your target audience on a global scale, utilizing an array of diverse digital platforms.

At DEVA, we deeply understand the distinctive challenges that artists and entrepreneurs confront in today's ever-evolving landscape. DEVA ensures your creative vision blossoms to its next level.